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Ultimate Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is the prime time for families to vacation. My family waits all year for summer vacation. We all want create lasting memories for the whole family. Planning a summer vacation can be easy however if will take time to do some preparation. One starts thinking about summer vacation ideas. The best family vacations will be unique for each family. Before deciding on your family vacation destination, one must first look at your family members’ love and hate. For our family, a vacation on a beach is more our style.

With the arrival of summer, we look forward to spending time outside in the sun. When we hear the word summer, the first thing that comes to our mind is spending it on a beach. For us, vacation means sun, palm trees, sandy beaches with warm clear blue water combined with non-stop action or sightseeing .These make a Caribbean vacation in Tulum, perfect for us. Summer vacation in Tulum goes beyond the boring old typical trip. Tulum, Mexico is situated along the Mexican Riviera on the Yucatan Peninsula. Recognized for its picturesque beaches and historical Mayan ruins. It is a popular tourist destination that offers sundry options for travelers. From upscale, all-inclusive Tulum hotels to no-frills guest house. The beach is lined with boutique hotels, eco-resorts and cabanas. Tulum has something for every budget.

We were so lucky because when we visited Tulum, there are less people, more lodging options, and of course lower rates. These are some benefits of traveling to Tulu during low seasons. We had carefully planned the vacation. I did visit some travel forums on the internet and read reviews about the place. Tulum is basically divided into three parts: The small town of Tulum; Tulum Beach with its powder white sand and turquoise blue water, with its many hotels, cabanas and casitas; and of course the Mayan Ruins, the only archeological site on this stretch of Mexico’s Coastline. They are all in very close proximity to each other and have their own special charm. Whatever you prefer to do on your vacation you are going to fall in love with Tulum. Whether you take a dip in the turquoise Caribbean Sea, exploring the Mayan ruins, which is, by the way, worth seeing. You might also want to try some of adventurous or audacious water sports. I and my husband love scuba diving. But what I love most was the Mayan treatment in one of Tulum’s exceptional spas. Well for us this is a terrific place to unwind and enjoy the sun.

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