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Top 5 Worst Attractions in Barcelona

Barcelona is a unique city, which is charming for numerous reasons. The cultural heritage, the fascinating architectural masterpieces, and distinct laid-back Spanish style account for factors that construct the appeal of the city. However, when your time is limited, it’s highly recommended to create a traveling plan, and steer clear of the most overrated attractions in Barcelona. Want to know which are they? Keep on reading.

  1. Barceloneta Beach

If you’re eager to enjoy the sun, under no circumstances should you head to Barceloneta Beach. That’s because it is always packed with tourists, while not being the cleanest beach in the area either.

Barcelona beach

Barcelona beach

  1. Going to see Flamenco

Contrary to popular belief, Flamenco isn’t representative of Barcelona or Catalonia. Still, due to the demand of tourists who wish to see flamenco dancers, there are some shows you can choose from but note that this dance isn’t typical of the area. If you want to taste the authenticity of the region, see sardanes, which is a traditional dance from the area.

  1. Shopping in the main tourist spots

Shopaholics might be eager to shop at the hottest tourist attractions in Las Ramblas. However, unfortunately, the items are regularly overpriced, and you might be disappointed that you won’t find any real hidden gems here.

  1. Eating in Las Ramblas

If you’re headed to Barcelona, you’ve probably read and heard about Las Ramblas, the most famous street in Barcelona. The question is, is it worth your time, or is it overrated? Even though there are people who outlined that the spot is particularly overrated, and not worth visiting, we disagree. However, you should know that the street is overcrowded, particularly during the summer, which is why it is packed (literally) with pickpockets.

Rambla del Mar

Rambla del Mar

Once you know this, you can go ahead and visit the street, since it’s historic, and is a fundamental part of the majestic history of the city. How about eating in Las Ramblas? That is something you should avoid for two main reasons, the dishes are overly expensive, and the quality of the food and service isn’t high. Plus, here, you won’t get the chance to taste the real taste of the traditional dishes.

  1. Going clubbing in the Marina area

Even though the Marina area is a major attraction point for tourists who wish to paint the town red, this isn’t necessarily the best spot for going clubbing. That is because the quality of the drinks isn’t of the highest, and the clubs are packed with teenagers. Barcelona is full of various locals that have high-quality drinks as well, so, including them on your checklist might be a better alternative.

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